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What Is The Best Duct Cleaning Method?

What Is The Best Duct Cleaning Method?

Nowadays most of the residential and commercialbuildings constructed with HVAC, ventilation or AC ducts. Because these partsare tightly set up, it is rare that fresh air or stale air circulates inside atthe same time. When this happens, then pollutants may accumulate inside the airducts. This will lead to creating unhealthy air for everyone who lives in thehouse.

Later, these pollutants will negatively affectthe health of your house residents as they may start suffering from respiratoryproblems or these pollutants my cause damages to the house itself.

Eliminating & Reducing Pollutants

when you decide to clean your HVAC system, youwill reduce the pollutants inside it and create a healthy atmosphere insideyour house. There are lots of suggestions concerning air duct cleaning, but theideal in-between is hiring a professional HVAC duct cleaner who has theknowledge and ideal skills to deal with air duct cleaning. By doing so, youwill get your ducts properly cleaned without any annoying rodents’ appearance.

Disadvantages of air duct cleaning

If you tried to clean your air ducts on yourown, you may damage the aid duct itself. Thus, if you want to enhance yourindoor air quality, it’s highly recommended to get expert assistance.Professional HVAC techs will tell you the next to clean up your air ducts.

It is highly important to know as much as youcan about air ducts so you can be able to choose the ideal one for you. As whenyou have a professional HVAC specialist, you will be aware of what is required& the essential methods.

Common & Ideal-Air Duct Cleaning Methods

The most common air duct cleaning methods thatare used over the past years are standard. While time passing and with moderntechnology, these methods begin to be improved. now, these methods are:

  • Air Sweep or Power Vacuum: this is a detailed duct cleaning method. Although it is so expensive, it does the best dust and debris removal in a very careful way.
  • Point of Contact: while this method may not appear as powerful as the air sweep method, it’s safe for the air vents & ducts. Although it is less expensive, it still uses the best cleaning equipment & tools as vacuuming & spinning brush.
  • Removing the Source: this is the most common method among all the previous three for air duct cleaning. As it loosens and extracts the debris & dirt to remove everything correctly in a safe manner.


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