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Should I Dust Or Vacuum First?

Should I Dust Or Vacuum First?

If you are regularly having your house professionally cleaned, then you must do both dusting & vacuuming services and other household cleaning ways. Most of the house owners ask one & a common question about household cleaning which is “Should I Dust Or Vacuum First?” there is no specific answer to this question because everyone has their own preference concerning house cleaning. 

There are some pros who tend to use vacuuming first, but others use dusting first. By considering both ways you can decide which cleaning order you would love to follow.  

Vacuuming The House First

When you vacuum your house, you get nice & clean floors. Vacuuming able to clear all settled dust on the surface of your furniture or in the corners.

Is it make sense to vacuum first, right?

The vacuuming process doesn’t undo dusting. This means that if the cleaner doesn’t have advanced tools to absorb & pick up dust rather than brushing it to the floor, you will end cleaning dust once more just after you vacuum. Luckily, most professional cleaners have high-quality dusting tools.

Dusting The House First

On the contrary, you can dust your house first before vacuuming. When you do this, all dust & dirt that you wipe down will settle on the surfaces of your furniture & floors.  After that, you can vacuum all of the debris & dust that have ended on your floors.

Unfortunately, vacuuming after dusting can spread more dust, which can eventually land on your hard surfaces.

Which One Of The Two Is Better?

After reading the previous ways, is it clear that both have advantages and disadvantages? In most cases, vacuuming is recommended to be first before dusting.

There is no way to keep debris & dust from spreading in the air while vacuuming even if you are using advanced machines. Thus, make sure while dusting your house that the cleaner has professional and suitable dusting tools for this job specifically.

Actually, it is your decision to choose the ideal cleaning way for your house and which one you will do before the other. However, most people believe that vacuuming before dusting gives your house the efficient & clean appearance that it needs.

Vacuuming & Dusting Tips

To reduce the amounts of dust & debris that settle on your furniture & carpet, make certain that you change the air filters of your house’s AC & furnace. By doing this, you will enhance the air quality of your indoor air.

Also, buy a purifier & keep it working almost all the time. When you do this, you will cut down debris & dust amounts in the air. You will feel the difference while breathing especially if you or someone in your family has an allergy.

Now, you know the benefits and drawbacks of vacuuming prior to dusting, What You Will Choose? Once you take your decision to ask your professional to apply it for you in order to feel completely satisfied with the final results.

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