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Is Air Duct Cleaning Really Worth It?

Is Air Duct Cleaning Really Worth It?

Does the air duct get dust? YES, Is that normal? YES, Should you clean ductwork regularly? NOT REALLY.

Why Regular Duct Cleaning Isn’t Necessary?

Unlike dryer vent cleaning which should be regular, there is no one objective organization that recommends routine HVAC duct cleaning. Honestly, the “EPA” recommends you must clean your air ducts only if it’s needed. According to the Environment Protection Agency Words, Duct cleaning hasn’t actually prevent any health problems.

Also, there are no studies that declare that Dust levels inside your house increase because of unclean air ducts. That’s because most of the dirt sticks to air ducts’ surfaces but does not necessarily enter your living space. Air duct cleaning isn’t a bad idea but it is not necessary in most cases.

It is very useful especially if you have filthy ducts that are full of mice or vermin. If your ductwork seems to buildup mold inside it, that’s a sign of immediate cleaning need. Chances of having dirty ducts are rare but if this is the case of your ducts, you must get your entire HVAC system cleaned not only the ducts.

How We Clean Your Air Ducts!

You must know that duct cleaning can be only performed by using special advanced tools to make dirt & dust lose before they are vacuumed out by a strong and powerful vacuum system! If you didn’t do this job perfectly or correctly, then you may lead to more harm than good.

If the vacuuming system’s hose didn’t seal tightly to the outside part or didn’t use the filtration system for inside, you will end up having dirt inside your house. When you need to minimize risk while cleaning your HVAC system, start by using professional cleaners.

Cleaning your HVAC system by qualified, certified & well-trained cleaners will increase the chances of ending this job very fast & safely.

What Will Happen If The Ducts Didn’t Clean Properly?

If you didn’t clean your ducts properly or you didn’t hire a professional one, you will find lots of problems emerge. Don’t ever trust those who promise you cheap service or those who make claims upon the health benefits of duct cleaning. There are a lot of cleaners who claim that they are certified by the “EPA” or claim that it recommends regular duct cleaner that it doesn’t recommend too.

Be careful of cheap ductwork cleaning contractors as they tell you a price but when it comes to actual action, you will find yourself paying the double. They use high-pressure sales techniques to give you expensive services. Some may claim falsely that they found mold inside your ductwork.

They use false mold tests that show positive results, air fragrances, dustbuster vacuums, simple drills with brushes, etc. Low prices are so attractive, but you must think about it before giving it a try. Would professional & well-equipped techs with highly advanced equipment and trucks cost you $50 for 4 hours?! Are these words enough to answer your question?!

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