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How Much Does It Cost To Clean Air Ducts?

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Air Ducts?

Your cooling and heating contain multiple parts as the air duct that pushes air inside your house. Air duct cleaning includes removing debris, dust, and mold from both the air duct and the heating & cooling parts like the blower, air vents, or condensing coils.

Air ducts flow air repeatedly that may contain dust or even mold. This can raise allergies inside your house or even create serious breathing problems in the long run. Cleaning a complex air duct system will cost lots of money, however, with us, you will get your ducts cleaned at the most reasonable prices.

Air Duct Cleaning Pros & Cons

Like most of our home services, cleaning your air ducts has lots of pros & cons. Although it adds slight hassle to your daily living, it ensures that your ducts not pushing particles that you don’t want to breathe in. When you clean your air ducts every few years & inspect them annually m this will help you a lot to stay always in a safe mode.

Air Duct Cleaning Scams Cost A Lot of Money

There are a lot of house owners who fall victim to air duct cleaning scams. Even those who don’t follow the high-pressure technique, still frequently rely on these low companies that use inadequate equipment & tools as drills & handheld vacuums to do their duct cleaning work.

They go quickly through your house and vacuum out a few of your vents and then eave within 30 mins. A reliable air duct cleaning should take from 2:3 hours to be done perfectly as it takes from professional cleaners.

The majority of air duct cleaning companies use outdoor equipment so that all the dirt and dust that they capture are vented outside the house. Those who use interior duct cleaning equipment can cause severe costly damages to your house, family health, or much worse damaging the ducts itself.

Cost Factors

If you want a cost estimate for your air duct cleaning, there are several factors that affect the process. The first major factor is your system’s size. Those large or more complex systems will take much time & cost to clean. The location of your ductwork, as the harder to reach it, the more costly & expensive it to clean it up.

Asbestos removal is another issue that most house owners may need to solve as it is a costly one. Also, there might be mold inside your ducts, but it must be first tested to be able to verify. A small mold test will not cost you so much but total mold remediation is a separate service that depends on the mold problem scope.

There are some cleaning services that charge you by the hour & time amount they take to deal with your complex cleaning issues. However, professional cleaners like ours set a flat charge & rates for the full service.

You must be wary of air duct cleaning scams, as if it sounds so good to be true, probably it is. As there are some cleaning services that advertise a whole home duct cleaning at reasonable prices, but you must be aware that you won’t get any benefit from this cleaning process.

Air duct cleaning is more than just cleaning the ducts themselves. Experienced cleaners know exactly how to clean the components of your system by removing & vacuuming all dust and debris out of your system. Thus, do you know now what are the essential factors to keep in your mind while choosing your cheap & affordable air duct cleaning service


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