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How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

Nothing can make you feel as comfortable or satisfied as having a clean house. However, what if you know that your house isn’t your comfort zone as you thought? Probably you are saying, how come! My floors are spotless, bright, and free of dust. What about those places that you don’t even notice!

Unfortunately, your HVAC system & ducts are the favorite hiding place of dirt, dust, and other harmful allergens. The Air Duct is a hidden place, as it supplies your house with the air that it needs and as a result, these contaminants can easily make their way inside your house.

Cleaning your air ducts on your own isn’t an easy thing. It is a very complex process that requires specialized tools and advanced HVAC system knowledge. For that, you can rely on our professional cleaners who are certified & qualified to deal with your system by using up-to-date techniques.

If you aren’t unaware of when you must clean your ducts, keep reading. Since your ducts are hidden place behind layers of walls or floors, keep your eyes sharp over the following signs that are able to make your ducts dirtier.

1/ Finding Mold Inside Your Air Conditioning Or Furnace

You need to clean your HVAC system routinely!

Actually, most air duct manufacturers recommend scheduling a couple of visits yearly for both your air conditioner & furnace. These hidden parts of your house are able to develop with time dirt, dust, and mold especially if you live in a moist climate.

First, if your duct cleaner told you that your ducts full of mold, ask to see the evidence. Then, call a mold expert who has credentials to identify mold “whether it is harmful or not”. Look for an expert cleaner to enhance your indoor air quality like ours.

You can find mold inside your air conditioner, furnace, or air handler & can reach the ductwork. Our professional air duct cleaners can clear all mold inside your ducts perfectly and prevent their return once more.

2/ New House Or Just Received Full Renovation

New Construction is just a mess! Even if the workers try to clean up & close off the working area to keep the rest of your house parts clean, you will find dust & dirt find their way inside. If you don’t cover your HVAC system while working (which impossible for most house owners) it will be completely full of dirt & debris.

The dust of the construction process can contain some of the worst & nasty particles that you must not breathe. For that, don’t neglect the whole matter until you experience a serious respiratory problem. Call our pros right now!

3/ Dusty House Regardless Of Your Regular Cleaning

Cleaning dust out of your house isn’t an enjoyable thing at all, but we have to do it from time to time. However, if you notice a layer of dust covering the surface of your house furniture right after finish cleaning, you must check your air ducts. Take a look over your indoor & outdoor vents, are they look dirty & dusty?

Try carefully to remove your vent cover & look inside your ductwork. Is the metal part covered in dust?! If your answer is YES for both of the past questions, call us!

4/ Increased Heating Or Cooling Energy Bills

You must able to predict your heating & cooling costs from year to year. If you noticed that your utility bills are much higher than your records; then your ductwork might be blamed at least.

In bad cases, ductwork became dirty to the level that doesn’t allow air to flow effectively through your house’s HVAC system. When you experience such a thing, your air conditioner & furnace will be forced to work harder than they should & use more energy to give you the same temperature that you need. This extra energy usage translates into high bills.

By removing those dirt and debris obstructions, you will find us checking if there are any leaks inside. Usually, ductworks install in sealed sections that prevent air leakage. However, with time these seals can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system out of deterioration. Leaky ducts have a bad effect on your house! As you will get air moving through your ductwork but some it will end in your walls or basement.

Pros of HVAC duct cleaning

if you're in need of air duct cleaning, rely on our experts to do this job for you perfectly. You DIY anything around your house, but not with air duct cleaning. Our professional ductwork cleaners can clean your air ducts by using first-grade vacuum systems & powerful brushes to remove all dust and dirt from your HVAC system without reducing the quality of your indoor air.

Ordinary vacuum cleaners are not powerful to do the job perfectly & DIY could lead to severe problems and damages to your ductwork. Thus, while choosing your ductwork cleaners, you must be aware of those cheating companies who offer low pricing services with super quickness & high quality.

You need to find reliable & highly qualified duct cleaners near your location. If you choose our technicians, you will never regret your decision. Put your trust in us and we will help you in getting a clean house and your air gets back to its normal & right performance!



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