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Can Air Duct Cleaning Cause Damage?

Can Air Duct Cleaning Cause Damage?

No For Duct Cleaning!

Why we don’t recommend duct cleaning for our customers?

Almost all HVAC companies offer a duct cleaning service, but it can create more damages than good for your ducts. Most house owners who have old houses seek air duct cleaning to enhance their house’s air. For that, most HVAC cleaning providers put duct cleaning as a solution for enhanced indoor air quality although it leads to serious damages for your system in the long run.

Experience the difference with our services, as we put our customers’ interests as our priority. We have alternative solutions for enhanced indoor air quality without affecting the strength of your air ducts.

Duct Cleaning Can Damage Your Ducts

In order to understand why we don’t recommend duct cleaning for those flex ducts; you must know how these ducts are designed & made off.

Flex duct consists of a spring that’s wrapped with a sensitive plastic layer that is covered with a thin insulation layer to block heat from getting out or in the duct and the outsider duct cover.

By years this fragile plastic layer became more sensitive because of the heat in the house wall. These ducts have never moved since their installation when you move them for cleaning it is possible that these layers break. Because the ducts are covered with a cover, it will be impossible to be noticed by just looking at them.

If these damages left without any treatment, you will cost yourself lots of money & damages that’s uneasy to be solved.

Common Ways of Duct Cleaning

There are two common ways for duct cleaning which are vacuum or brush. Vacuuming includes blowing air from one of the ducts endings & sucking air from the other. While brushing means inserting a brush inside the duct & attempting to loosen or collect the dust.

Both Methods Have Bad Effects Over Your HVAC System:

  • Vacuum Cleaning Problems: when the duct system is old, this method causes a fast increase or decrease of the pressure in the duct which leads to crack or stretch the plastic layer.
  • Brush Cleaning Problems: because the interior part of the duct is so sensitive, so the brush itself can crack the plastic layer inside the air duct which with time will lead to duct leaking.

Mold Treatment Isn’t A Joke

The connection between air duct cleaning & mold

When the cold air of your AC & the heat of the attic combine together, it creates moisture. With time, this moisture is a good ground for mold to grow & build up. The mold & algae growth cannot be seen with human eyes, so you might have a serious mold buildup problem without your knowledge.

If there is mold & algae inside your wall or attic, duct cleaning can lead to serious health problems. As it can spread small mold particles inside your house through the air.

At our company, your health is our number one priority!

We don’t recommend our clients get air duct cleaning at all. If you feel concerned about the house air quality, we offer other alternative solutions to enhance your air quality & keep your family safe.

Our ducts maintaining & repairing has lots of benefits:

  • the system will run effectively.
  • offers you pure & clean indoor air.
  • reduce your energy bills & costs.
  • extend the life of your cooling & heating devices.

Are you in need of ductwork maintenance? Call us now to speak with our experienced & well-trained specialists


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